A Message from the President

Dr. Rodney Allbright, President

Alvin Community College is fortunate to have had a limited number of issues regarding sexual harassment. This speaks highly of our faculty and staff and also of our on-going educational programs for college personnel. To enhance our understanding and educational programs regarding matters such as this, the Human Resources Department offers an interactive educational computer program that contains an important message for all faculty and staff at the college. Sexual harassment is counterproductive in any organization, especially one that is committed to creating and maintaining a community dedicated to the principles of creative thinking and free expression in which students, faculty, and staff can work and study together in an atmosphere conducive to learning.

Alvin Community College considers sexual harassment in all its forms to be a serious offense affecting the college generally, and one that is subject to a range of disciplinary actions. Misconduct of a sexual nature adversely impacts the work environment by undermining productivity and professionalism and may constitute sexual harassment a form of discrimination prohibited by Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Alvin Community College does not condone behavior that is likely to undermine the dignity, self-esteem, or productivity of any student, faculty, or staff member and supports the prevention of such behavior. I encourage you to carefully review the contents of this interactive computer program and discuss it with your colleagues.

Dr. Rodney Allbright, President

Dr. Rodney Allbright
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